You Just Can’t Bite City Hall

As delicious as it may look from the outside, sometimes with the sweetest indulgence of a $300 million dollar layer cake covered in white frosting, plenty of other buildings across America can try to copy;  but try as you may, you just can’t bite  City Hall.  Topped by the Lindbergh Beacon, lighting this historic birthday candle, has for almost a century… Read more →



December 2015 marked the 40th Anniversary of the Triforium, Joseph Young’s controversial public artwork at the corner of Temple and Main. Before his death at the age of 87, Young made a name for himself producing public artwork in and around the Civic Center, including murals at the Los Angeles County Hall of Records, and the Los Angeles Police Department’s… Read more →


Feeding the Police

Every police chief started out as a patrol officer. It takes years of hard work, a stellar track record and, in some cases,  at the county level, having to be elected by local citizens to excel to the level of POLICE CHIEF. As awesome and amazing as our police chiefs are, they know, first hand no matter what your role… Read more →